6 Christmas classic movies to watch and watch again

I think this month of December is going to be focused on Christmas, unless it begins to rain without interruption during 3 weeks and I am not in the mood anymore 🙂

I keep listening to Christmas music and singing ” Jingle Bell ” at loud, so I think it’s time to watch or watch again some classic  Christmas movies .

So here are my favorite American Christmas movies.

1. Frosty the Snowman


This animated movie  from the 60s is one of first Christmas movie we showed to our daughters and in English. We had it at the time in VHS format which does not make me look younger 🙂

My husband made me discover this short 30 min movie  when we were  living in Montreal and I found it so adorable that we had to play it for the girls and they loved it. How can’t you ?

Frosty is a very cute snowman which becomes alive by magic and  becomes friend with a cute little girl. He just says “Happy Birthday” instead of “Merry Christmas” all the time. At some point he melt and we  almost cry (the little girl cries for sure) but he returns to  life still by magic, so everything goes well! If you did not watch it,  it’s time !

2. How the Grinch stole Christmas


This children book from Dr Seuss is also an old one from the  50’s and was adapted in an animated movie and a movie with the actor Jim Carey. This great story about the Grinch who decides to steal the children presents from Christmas is funny and touching.
You can visit Dr Seuss’s world at the Islands of Adventure in Orlando and also see the sets of the movie when you visit  Universal Studios in California.


The book, the animated movie or the movie, at Christmas we love this green guy who is not, by the way, a Martian:-)

3. Mickey, Once upon a Christmas

mickeys-once-upon-a-christmas-di-01b Yes I do love animated movies because Christmas it’s first for the children and even at my “old” age I don’t get tired of watching a good Disney movie.

I have several Mickey movies CDs such as  Once upon a Christmas, The Magic of Christmas or The Christmas Calendar and Donald’s stories, Pluto, Mickey and his friends are timeless. My 14 years old daughter just  asked  me recently if we could watch the episode where Mickey’s  nephews go to the North Pole and try to put their name on the Santa Claus nice list . That  was a great surprise for me that she asks me to  watch this movie because 1- she remembered this movie and 2-  she wanted to watch a Mickey movie. Yippee! I can’t wait !

4. The Nightmare before Christmas

adidas-rose-3-nightmare-before-christmas-05What I do like about Tim Burton animated movie is that you can watch The Nightmare before Christmas either at Christmas or at Halloween.  Jack Skellington who decided to replace Christmas by Halloween is just awesome and the songs are unforgettable .  I think I watched this movie 40 times but I am not tired watching it gain and again!

5. Love Actually

love-actuallyAt least a movie for adults but particularly for the girls. Yes I am a girl and I love girly movies. But I also like Star Wars and Star Trek!

Love Actually is a cute movie about LOVE!!! It is about 10 love stories that take place around Christmas time. The stories are funny, sad and emotional. You will found in love with all the characters. The casting is impressive: : Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson,  Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and more.

A must see more than one time!

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas

a-charlie-brown-christmas-snoopy-38672259-1600-900And for the end I have to mention this animated movie because it is broadcasted every year on the American TV during Christmas time since 1965 I think ! I don’t really like  Charlie Brown even if I named my former dog Snoopy when I was a little girl but everybody should watch this movie at least one time in his life, it is a classic!

I did not mentioned Rudolph the red-nose reindeer just because in the Mickey movies there is a story about Pluto renamed Happy by Santa’s reindeers that I like more that Rudolph, sorry Rudolph.

So now that my playlist is ready, it is time to prepare a marshmallows hot chocolate, put a Rudolph the red-nose reindeer or Unicorn onesie ( yes it is real, my daughters got one) and watch our favorite movie.

And you? What is your favorite Christmas movie that you watch every year no matter what?



  1. Bonsoir,
    Je découvre ton blog avec cet article et ça me fait trop plaisir !
    Frosty the snowman et Mickey, Once upon a Christmas : les basiques ! 🙂 Vus et revus, chaque Noël, en pyjama, avec la fratrie (on a plus de 20 ans :)))
    Merci pour ces souvenirs !!

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