Apple Picking, fall season is here!

apple picking


To start the new season today we went to the farm for apple picking. It is our third time but it is always so nice for the children.

When you go apple picking you go to a farm, you buy  a bag of the size you want (from $9 to $30, very too expensive in my opinion) and go you go for a walk in the orchard to pick the apples. The idea is brilliant. And you can go apple picking everywhere in New England and even in Quebec.

apple pickingThe choice of apples is very  large: Macintosh, Golden, Gala, Ginger Golden, Honeycrisp, Macoun. I loved the Honey crisp a lot, very juicy, and indeed you taste them before picking them to know if you like them!

apple pickingapple pickingThis year we went to Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown just before Newport. The farm is really cute. You can eat there, buy vegetables, cheese, pies and any sorts of local products or have a coffee. During the summer, outdoor concerts are organized on the lawn and you can bring your own picnic. 

apple pickingIt is also possible to pick raspberries and even pumpkins! But I am not ready yet for the pumpkin, the weather is  still nice and warm, I resist:-)

Two years ago we also tried the Rocky Brook Orchard farm in also Middletown. We enjoyed it, trees are bigger and the children were able to climb in the trees even if in theory you are not allowed to do it…..

apple pickingNow it’s time to bake, we need to do something with all these apples!

Another activity in this fall  season is the corn maze which I’ll talk about in another post.

Tell me what you are doing during the fall season with your children. Do you know great places where for apples or pumpkins picking ?


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