Whale watching cruises near Cape Cod


One thing about living in Rhode Island is that you live next to the Massachusetts state, less than one hour drive from Boston and especially one hour drive from Cape Cod and an amazing marine sanctuary.

It’s an incredible chance to be able to go whale watching whenever we want.

So that’s what I am doing as much as I can because I am in love with whales!

The Stellwagen Bank marine sanctuary is at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, between Cape Cod and Cape Ann.

In his sanctuary we can observe various marine mammals but especially different kind of whales such as humpback whales, rorquals or mink whales .

During our first cruise, we went to Provincetown (2 hours drive from Providence) which is the farthest city in Cape Cod. We booked our trip with the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watching. We were extremely lucky for this first time . The boat trip was long and we were wondering if we would see something . But after one hour watching the horizon, the guide pointed a whale.

We were already really excited just being able to see this whale but after several calls between boats, we joined a group of whales and we were not disappointed. It was lunch time for the humpbacks and we were able to admire them during more than one hour feeding on plankton. It was absolutely magic. They dived under the boat, opened their big mouth, made bubbles to stick the fishes. I would have never imagined that it would be such a show.

The guide told us their nickname which is determined according to the shape and color of their tails . We learned that whales work together to feed and make clouds of bubbles to imprison the fishes on the surface and be then able to feast. We would have stayed forever but unfortunately we had to go back .

We went 5 times (yes I really love it) on a whale watching cruise and every time we had a different experience. Whales with dolphins or calves with their mom, we are never disappointed.

We booked our cruise with the Whale Watch Dolphin Fleet three times. This company is really well organized with several boats, trips all day long and excellent guides.

For our two last trips we left from Plymouth , Massachussetts (1 hour drive from Providence) with Captain John Whale watching and the experience was also fantastic.

I really liked those 2 companies but there is a lot of company boats that are offering whale watching cruises either from Cape Cod or even Boston.

You are guaranteed to see whales from May till September. And you can also find Groupons because it is not a cheap cruise . One trip is around $50 for adults and $30 for children but it worth it 🙂

Do not think it is a tourist thing because it’s not you will miss an extraordinary experience.

I just can’t wait to go back 🙂



  1. Coucou,
    Quel bel article ! Alors là je dis chapeau car les photos sont magnifiques ! J’ai eu la chance de voir des dauphins lors d’une promenade en bateau et c’est vraiment magique 🙂
    Je t’envoie de gros bisous !

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