Barrington without any doubt!


If you are wondering  why would I start my first post writing about the town of Barrington and not Providence the capital of Rhode Island. Well because Barrington is the town we have decided to move in and after almost 4 years now I would choose this town again. So if someone would ask me where to live in Rhode Island I would tell them Barrington and here why:

The population of Barrington is around 16 000 and Barrington is located at about 15-20 min south of Providence. The first reason you would choose Barrington is for the public schools which are considered the best schools in the state. And when you know how much costs the tuition for a private schools you understand why people wants to live in Barrington.

But you really decide to live in Barrington because the town in gorgeous. Located between the Palmer River, the Barrington River and the Narragansett Bay , Barrington is surrounded by water.

It is also a town when you feel really safe and for parents of two girls we appreciate it.



In downtown Barrington you will find  grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, clothes, gifts  and book stores and also some nice restaurants as Table (with a little French twist) Miku Sushi (an affordable Japanese restaurant) and Blue Water Grill in the marina.

As for the districts in Barrington, you have the choice between Rumstick district with the most expensive and gorgeous houses in the town


or Alfred Drown district where you can find small cottages or big houses,

 IMG_3137 IMG_3140

Or Hampden meadows across the bridge with smallest houses or houses on the river.

IMG_3157 (2)IMG_3160

And in Barrington there is something for everybody:

The Rhode Island Country Club for the golf players which is located on the beach and which hosts every year the CVS charity tournament where PGA’s players come .

The Yacht club for boat lovers

The Beach: Barrington and all the towns in Rhode Island located near the water have their own private beach for the residents only who must pay a yearly fee to park their car. The beach is located near the golf course. It is a great spot to have a picnic the evening and watch the sunset while listening to music during the summer.



The East Bay Bike path crosses Barrington. It is 14.5 miles path between the towns of Bristol and Providence. I really like the part of the bike path from Barrington to Bristol which has really beautiful views.



And we also have lots of wildlife in Barrington such as coyotes, deer, possums, squirrels obviously, blue jays, cardinals, ospreys and the ones I like the most the hummingbirds! Two of them come every year in our back yard to drink so we gave them nicknames: Dark and Stormy (actually a really good cocktail) I would watch them for hours.

Et en prime il y a des pleins animaux qu’on peut croiser comme des coyotes, souvent des biches, des opossums la nuit, évidemment des petits “écureuils” , des geais bleus et des cardinaux, des ospray ( oiseaux de proie qui font leurs nids perchés sur l’eau) mais surtout mes préférés des colibris! Ils viennent tous les ans s’abreuver sur notre terrasse  et nous leur avons même donne des petits noms: Dark and Stormy  🙂  je m’installe sur ma terrasse et je ne me lasse pas de les regarder.




And I almost forgot: the wild turkeys!! Yes! I love it. We have really a different wildlife in France so I kind of enjoy this a lot.

When will we have a road sign for the turkeys crossing the road?  But wait, we have road signs indeed! I found one in Swansea but I really have to take a picture next time I see it.






Barrington is for me a little quiet paradise certainly because I have kids and because I prefer countryside from cities. And even if we need more entertainment you still can go to Providence in 15 minutes or go to Warren, Bristol or Newport which is what we really like to do.

So it is without any doubt that we have bought a house in Barrington really close to the water (we live in the Ocean State no ?), a kayak and friends recently gave us a sail boat

We’re all set!!

If you like the town in Rhode Island where we are living or if you want to have more information about Barrington leave me a comment.





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