Afternoon tea at the Blithewold Mansion



In Bristol, small town in the Narragansett Bay at just a few minutes away from Barrington we can have a real the English-style tea and  visit the very nice Blithewold Mansion. So we tested the tea at 3 pm during Christmas time.

The Blithewold  Mansion is a 13 hectare arboretum built in the 1890’s on the Bristol  harbor and contains approximately 300 species of plants. The building is classified in the National Register of the Historic Places.

Blithewold at Christmas

tea because there are only few  tables. When you arrive, you can test the English tea experience. Everybody is served at the same time in a beautiful very English tea service with small sandwiches and scones and cookies


IMG_2672IMG_2681IMG_2673The Mansion is entirely decorated for the Christmas season with Christmas trees in each rooms with a different theme. It was a very nice experience for the Christmas season.

Blithewold in Spring

Another time of the year you need to visit the Blithewold Mansion is during spring time when daffodils are in bloom, it is called Daffodil Days. The park  is surrounded by Daffodils it is really beautiful.

The Mansion organizes many events throughout the seasons as music concerts on the lawn in the evening in summer, official receptions, workshops for the children or adults or camps for the children.

The price for Afternoon tea is $30 per person but include the visit of  the Mansion, it is sure that we don’t have a tea every day:-)

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  1. nous aussi on a fait un tea time avec scones et tout et tout au milieu de la campagne en Dordogne ! belle experience ! La version US semble des plus sympas !

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