Cape Cod, the treasure of Massachusetts

It’s summer time and when you live in New England where are you going for the week end or a week? In Cape Cod, THE summer destination.

Cap Cod is a peninsula situated in the South of Boston, there are two bridges to go on Cape Cod, the Sagamore Bridge and the Bourne Bridge. You can drive there from Providence it is approximately one hour drive, or more classy, you can take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown which is the last town at the end of  Cape Cod. Cap Cod has a form of arm with an elbow where is my favorite town of the Cape, Chatham and the road ends at the magnificent town of Provincetown.

800px-Cape_Cod_-_Landsat_7There are beaches everywhere in the Cape which some are known to be the most beautiful beaches of the United States.

This destination is very popular and as there are only two bridges to go on the Cape and one road to go to Provincetown, the traffic can become rather dense ; it is  then necessary to plan in advance its arrival and departure.

Woods Hole – Sandwich

At the entrance of Cape  Cod there is the town of Woods Hole which is known for its numerous centers and institutions of marine researches but also for its ferry to the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard (the summer destination of the American presidents).


There is also the cute and small town of Sandwich (yes there is a town named Sandwich) which has nice little shops and restaurants.


But my favorite destination in Cape Cod it is the town of Chatham . I discovered this town 20 years ago thanks to my husband and we took the girls on holiday there before moving in the United States. Since then, we try to go there every year. The downtown has  shops and very fashionable restaurants. I found in love with the art gallery FOCUS which exposes photos of whales (we can’t change people :-)) of Bryant Austin which are absolutely amazing. I had to buy his book which is fantastic , if you like whales like I do. 

13925387_540150472844525_7478226605314082008_n You can find also other photographers from the Cape, this gallery is a Must go.

Chatham has gorgeous houses ont the water front, a breathtaking beach which is in the Monomoy National Wildlife where we can often (even all the time) observe seals if we have the courage to walk along the beach. 


Be careful if you want to swim there, when there are seals in Cape Cod there are sharks and Chatham is well known for the white sharks!

For the story we were on the beach with our daughters after 5 pm and the lifeguards told us to not let them at the water’s edge because it was the dining time for the sharks  and they could confuse the girls with a seal. And recently a seal was snatched by a shark on that beach. We did not want to swim anymore

Chatham’s port is a nice place to see  fishermen returning with their cargo of fishes of all kinds and to say hello to the seals which come there to catch a fish or two. You can also taste  the best clam chowder in New England according to me 🙂

If we’re not afraid of sharks, there’s a lot of beaches on Cape Cod to swim or surf . Nausett beach is particularly impressive and appreciated by the surfers. In the evening there’s often campfires organized by rangers. It is really nice to listen to the stories they have to tell about Cape Cod. .

Provincetown – Dennis Port


You really have to visit Provincetown first of all because the road is magnificent, and also for the whales watching cruises in the Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary, an unforgettable experience. Provincetown has also incredible seaside and the town .  There are a lot of nice restaurants with terraces and  shops to get souvenirs. Don’t miss it.

Some other towns on the Cape are also very pleasant and some are  less.

We went to go fishing with the girls at Dennis Port. It was great. It was a special fishing cruise  for children, fishing rods were installed around the boat. Our daughter caught a fish and a  crew members prepared it on the boat. We dropped lobster cage on our way and caught spider crabs but no lobster:-). A very beautiful experience.


It is impossible to be bored in Cape Cod. It is such a beautiful place and we are still discovering it .

So if you know some nice places in Cape Cod, please leave a comment.

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