You don’t mess with American Holidays: Halloween

That’s it! I am in the fall mood and as  it is almost Halloween, my favorite holiday, I decided to talk about American holidays and how we celebrate them here. In the American-style!  Everything in extreme  but I love it.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

(Nightmare before Christmas -This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson)

I will start with Halloween which is celebrated on October 31st. I love this holiday since I first came  in North America (in Quebec more exactly) more than 20 years ago! I feel really old 🙂

In the United States we start to be ready very early, first with the stores which have already put all their products for Halloween: candies, costumes, decorations, cakes and especially pumpkins! Everything is ready in August.

It is a little depressing when you are still wearing your shorts and flip flops and you have to think about fall season . But the good part is that everything is going to be on sale before Halloween !

——————————- Decorations ——————————

Concerning Halloween decorations, I really have to hold on to not buy all the awesome decoration . There is everything for everybody and for all the tastes. My favorite store to buy nice  decoration is definitively Home Goods (some people are more in love with Target,) or TJ Maxx. It is a real pleasure for my eyes.

In the Art and craft stores you also have a lot of choices with the “do it yourself”  decoration. Michaels has certainly the best choices but Hobby Lobby or AC Moore are good stores to go too. I also like Target but they started later than the others to install the decorations for Halloween because they had the back to school supplies before.

—————————— Costumes————————

For the costumes, there’s a really great store which opens only during fall season and has costumes for the whole family and especially creepy decorations : You have to go to  Spirit Halloween, if we want to be scared, it’s worth it . Otherwise you can find cute costumes for children at TJ Maxx. And if we have a dog we can buy him a costume too. I love the lobster one and I bought it for my dog, poor him !.

———————————- Candies—————————–

For candies or chips, you really have a very wide choice. There are absolutely everywhere. I think some of them are as much scary as the decoration at Spirit Halloween and I am not sure what they taste and I don’t want to know but if the goal is to be scary , I can assure you they are 🙂

The problem with all these candies it is that when the children come back from trick or treat  1) you are afraid by the quantity of candies they received and 2) you quickly throw away the ones that look a bit strange. At the end half of the candies goes to the trash can and the other half is never eaten by your children because if it was the case they would gain 20 pounds at each Halloween:-)

And the bags are now useless, they use pillow cases now!

——————————– Pumpkin—————————–

When it is time to buy your pumpkin, you can go to the farms where you can find lots of different kind of pumpkins. I already talked about the farms in my posts about the corn maze and the apple picking. But you can also go to the church, that’s true! And in Barrington we have a really nice church with ten and ten of pumpkins, that’s a great place to go.

So when you have bought your pumpkin it is time to carve it. A great moment every year. We begin by emptying the pumpkin. We keep the flesh to bake a pumpkin pie (not too bad) and we keep the seeds to roast them in the oven. With some olive oil, some salt and some cumin or paprika, , the seeds are to die for.

————————————- Cakes ———————————

And if you like to bake cakes you have an incredible choice of Halloween cake or cupcakes decoration.

——————————– Trick or Treat ——————————

If you’re a kid or an adult,  Halloween is just an extraordinary and joyful holiday. Going trick or treating is magical like Christmas, but I would talk about it in a future post. The atmosphere is friendly, almost everybody decorates its house. The best decorations are obviously the ones which frighten the children:-). People are really nice and even those who are not home leave sometimes a basket filled with candies for the children. You can only see this in United States.

 And as soon as Halloween’s over you have to get ready for Thanksgiving, the next holiday.

Happy Halloween !



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