The Corn Maze

corn maze

After apple picking, another fall activity is going to the Corn Maze!

Yes, corn is not only of pigs! After eating them during barbecues all summer we have to do something with all those corn fields so why not a maze! I think this is a great idea and kids love it.

So we went to the Escobar Farm in Middletown. Every year they make a maze with a theme Our theme was The Wizard of Oz and it was Harry Potter’s day!

Obviously you can only see the shape of the maze from the sky …….. IMG_0961

IMG_0960After getting our tickets , they give you a map of the maze and it is the beginning of the party in a 8 acres maze! You could think that it is going to take a long time if you are not good with directions but if you are lost someone will come find you .

So the girls decided to start running without thinking where they were going and we had to run after them to not lose them. And to have more fun in the maze you have to find clues, if you want.

And lucky us it was Harry Potter’s day. We had the chance to see a  Quiddich Tournament and magic tricks! The girls decided to play the Quiddich after a long hesitation. That was really funny to watch running with their brooms and trying to catch the golden snitch!  We found out that there is a real Quiddich college league, that’s insane:-)

Real or not the girls had a really good time so I am Sérieux ou pas les filles se sont beaucoup 100% for it.

Quiddich College League of Rhode Island
Golden snitch

After this wonderful day you can pick your own pumpkin and you’re ready for Halloween.IMG_0970


There are four Corn Mazes in Rhode Island but the Escobar farm’s is the biggest:

  • Salisbury Farm in Johnston
  • Cucumber Hill Farm in Foster
  • Clarks Farm in Wakefield

Great day, the fall activities are not over yet. We still have to carve the pumpkin, decorate the house and maybe bake some special cupcakes or pumpkin pies!






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