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Spécialités culinaires

 We live in New England and as any coastal towns in New England we eat a lot a seafood and the first food specialty is the LOBSTER! But it’s not the only Rhode Island specialty.


In Rhode Island you  can eat lobster all year round but at the very attractive price during the summer. You can eat lobster all day and there are different ways to prepare it, so we have lot of choices:

  • The lobster roll : a lobster sandwich with a dill seasoning
  • The steamed lobster
  • The Surf and Turf: a grilled lobster served with a steak

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Spécialités culinaires

Spécialités culinaires

Also the lobster Mac and Cheese which is really good  if you know how to prepare it. We also tried the mushrooms stuffed with lobster but it doesn’t really taste the lobster.

Clam Chowder

Another New England specialty is the very famous CLAM CHOWDER, so yummy ! You can find different preparations with tomatoes, cream or herbs and in Rhode Island it is a clear chowder.


steamersThen you have the STEAMERS: I don’t know how to describe this shellfish but it is steamed ( make sense) with a broth. It is served with the broth and butter. You clean it with the broth and then dip it in the butter, delicious !


QuahogsYou can have QUAHOGS for appetizers, a stuffed clam with more or less spices.

Rhode Island Oysters

huîtresAnd in Rhode Island you can also find really good OYSTERS that you can taste in a lot of Oyster Bars such as Matunuck Oyster Bar in Matunuck  or Providence Oyster Bar on Atwell Avenue . They is so many oysters like the Watch Hill, Ninigret, Moonstone or Matunuck (really good!). If you want to learn more about it read my post about the Rhode Island oysters.

Little necks

littlenecksAnother shellfishes you can find in Rhode Island are the LITTLE NECKS, small clams that you can eat cooked or raw, I like them raw with a cocktail sauce.

Strawberry shortcake

Strawberry-ShortcakeAnd for dessert, we have less choices but if you like fruits, try the STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, this is really good. There are  lot of strawberries in Rhode Island during the summer, you can also go picking like the apples.


So we really have a chance to find good food in New England. I forgot to talk about fish but we have good cod and swordfish too. If you don’t like seafood you’re not going to be happy but that’s too bad . You can always find a good steak !


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