Metacom Kitchen: a restaurant to discover ASAP

metacom kitchen

This week we tried a new restaurant: Metacom Kitchen in Warren, Rhode Island.

We wanted to try this restaurant for a while because lot of people talked me about it. So now it is done and we love it.

Metacom Kitchen is ,as its name indicates it, on the Metacom avenue in Warren. It is not on Main street and it is not a place I am used to drive by . So you don’t go to this restaurant randomly.

From the outside, it is really simple, it is like Eli’s Kitchen restaurant in Warren also.

On Wednesday, it was really quite and we decided to sit down in front of the kitchen to see what was going on and to let my husband chat with the Chef:-).

As it was our first visit we asked what was good on the menu. Everything obviously but the chef suggested as an appetizer the Beet and baby carrot salad with feta cheese, red endives and beet tartare or the Cauliflower and charred watermelon radishes . I wanted to try the Spanish Octopus a la plancha.

My husband was totally amazed by the flavors of his carrots and beets salad. The vegetables had a real taste of vegetables and it smelt extremely good. Which proves that you can make an excellent dish with few things.

My octopus salad was excellent too (with hearts of palms and orange-fennel). We also tried the fried cauliflower salad with a curry taste which was also delicious. It was a good beginning.

For the entrée I took the Duck confit because apparently it was the best thing on the menu and my husband took the Slow Roasted Hanger steak. The duck had a smoked taste and was delicious and I devoured the fresh salad with fresh peas. It is rare that I find vegetables really good but I was impressed. The hanger was perfectly cooked.

On the menu there was also a House Made charcuterie board which we would have tried if the temperature was not over 80 degrees this day . But that gives us a  good reason to come back!

The chef told us that he likes to cook rabbit! Yes I said RABBIT! And we tried a very interesting and excellent rabbit rillette.

The cherry on the cake was the fact that they had green and yellow Chartreuse ( a very specific French Alps liqueur) ! For a French-Grenoble native like me, that was enough to convince me that this restaurant is a must-go in Warren.

For dessert we had a coffee pana cotta with orange meringues that look like meringue but don’t taste like it. Too much coffee for me but I am really picky with dessert 😀 .

Nevertheless this “Modern American Bistro” looks more like a French bistro in my opinion with really really good vegetables.

Warren keeps amazing me, there are more and more good addresses to go. It just misses a coat of fresh paint!

Metacom Kitchen
322 Metacom Avenue – Warren – RI

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