Going out and eat around Barrington


Going out to eat or have a drink when we live in Barrington, it is easier than it looks like. Indeed, even if  in Barrington there is not a lot of restaurants and bars,  we are very well located to take advantage of our neighbor’s towns. So that’s what we do!


In Warren:


Warren and Barrington are neighbors and you just have to cross the bridge by car or even by bike to have a good lunch. In the summer it is definitively our favorite place with or without the kids for a very good reason: the Blount Clam Shack! on Water Street.

The concept is simple, but we don’t have it in France (that’s a shame 🙂 ) . We order at the food truck and they give you a buzzer which buzzes when food is ready. The menu is simple: clams, lobster rolls, burgers, clam chowder, clam cake, clam fried.  It’s  all about clams 🙂

Going to the Clam shack definitively means for us eating lobster rolls, a very improved version of the hot dog. It is so good that I never order another meal; LOBSTER MONSTER! You can admire the view to the Nagarransett bay is gorgeous, the Barrington “I want that house” view across the river or the sunset in the evening. I don’t think we will ever get tired of it.

Clam ShackIMG_3155

On Water Street we can also take advantage of other very nice restaurants with still has the view on the water as the Warf Tavern, a restaurant where we can almost eat a the feet in the water. This place is magnificent even if the food is pretty poor and you should definitively eat outside which is the best spot .


There is also the Trafford Restaurant which has a more contemporaine terrace with still an attractive view on the water.

On Water Street (we could live on this street :-)) another nice and cheap restaurant for lunch is the Square Peg which has very good fish tacos.

We recently tried a new restaurant still on Water Street, By Water ; it has very few tables and very good oysters from Massachusetts (mayflower, blue yonder, Wellfleet).

In Downtown Warren, Simone’s restaurant offers an Italian menu in a modern atmosphere.

And after the lunch we found a place where the coffee is actually good, yeah! The Coffee Depot on Main Street, the place is original and nice.

And if you just want to go out for a drink in the evening try the Admiral pub on Water street (again).


In Bristol:


Bristol is a stunning small town on the waterside just after Warren and the Bike path just ends there, what a good idea! What makes it attractive is in particular the good restaurants and bars. One of the most pleasant place in Bristol is Thames Waterside Bar and Grill. This restaurant just on the water has a splendid terrace on the first the floor to have a drink before having lunch or dinner below on a terrace also.

Close to the Thames restaurant by but not on the water the Dewolf Tavern in an old renovated brick-built warehouse has very good Indian taste meals.

IMG_3589If we want to eat very good food in a French style you have go to Persimmon on State Street (unfortunately the restaurant is moving to Providence on Hope Street near the French American school), the food and the service are excellent and even the desserts! You can also  try Le Central on Hope Street.

Le Central And for the pub atmosphere you  can go to the Aidan’s Pub.

So these are our favorite places to eat or go out close to our home. I really think that in Rhode Island we are lucky to have such a choices of good restaurants and that it is easy to eat well and even to feast:-)

In Providence we also have very good restaurants and bars but I will write about it in another post .


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