Basketball in Rhode Island: Let’s go Friars

We are  basketball fans especially since our two daughters play this sport; but we did not have the opportunity to watch games when we were living in France. Everything changed when we first watch the Providence College basketball team , the Friars!!!

The first time we watched the Friars played at the Dunkin Donut Center, we were very impressed first by the place, second by the crazy atmosphere during the game and third  by the very good team . And from this moment, we became supporters.

If you like basketball or not, watching a game at the Dunkin Donut Center is a real American experience.

Before the game we dive into the atmosphere with the music and a introduction of the players;  during the game the Cheerleaders make dances and acrobatics and you can play at the Best kiss of the evening:-) . Also you can win  Friars T-shirt thrown by the mascot. For now we have at least 4 t-shirts !

Well it is entertaining during the whole game.

friarsCompared to a NBA game which I can’t follow because it is too fast for me , the college games are as good as a professional game

The prices are affordable  contrary to the NBA games, and there are even family tickets several times at $10 per person which  is very interesting when you are four.

To see the season schedule and buy tickets go on the Friars website.

I don’t forget to mention the women’s‘ Friars team which are not playing at the “Dunk” as it is called but at the Providence College campus. The prices are very interesting and they play rather well, according to the seasons. My girls even participated to their really great summer camp.

We can’t wait for the season to start to cheer our favorite team: Let’s go Friars! Let’s go !

Do you have a favorite team you like to watch ? Tell me about it in the comments

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